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episode 126: Changing the Future of Business: Slow Growth and Sound Financial Planning are the Secrets - The Journey of Badger (Business for Good Series) [transcript]

When thinking about growing businesses, you may often think it requires heavy financing. However, not having investors doesn't mean that your company cannot scale. There are many financing options available to you. For a business that wants to focus on its impact and purpose, slow growth may be the right fit for you.

Slow growth means that you're strategic about where you put your finances. You invest in your purpose; you also use your profits as a tool to intensify your impact on people and the planet. This is precisely what Badger does.

Rebecca Hamilton, Badger’s family owner and co-CEO, joins us in this episode. We learn the company’s background and its secrets to success and stability. Rebecca also shares how strategic planning and financial planning factor into the equation. Finally, we reexamine the importance of having a CFO guide you through your company’s finances. 

Tune in to get great insights that you can readily apply to your business to ensure its success and stability! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about Badger: its inspiration, growth, and advocacy.
  2. Discover how Badger successfully grew into the business it is today through creative financial planning.
  3. Get a peek at the process of transition of leadership in business as shared by Rebecca. 

Episode Highlights

  • [05:49] Badger’s Origins
  • [07:52] Rebecca’s Background
  • [13:07] Public Benefit Corporation Legislation
  • [15:05] Badger Becomes B Corp Certified
  • [19:01] Challenges During Badger’s Early Days
  • [23:09] On Bad Margins
  • [25:35] Balancing Product Complexity
  • [27:40] Finding Your Niche 
  • [29:07] Badger’s Secret to Profitability 
  • [33:21] Badger’s Financing
  • [37:38] Badger’s Strategic Planning and Financial Planning
  • [40:25] How a CFO Can Help with Financial Planning
  • [43:09] Lessons from Transition

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 2021-07-29  48m