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Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!


episode 99: In Bird Culture, this is considered a slick move

This week, we’re talking about the wood wide web and advantages it brings to those connected to it. Also bird facts, plant facts and gun facts (wtf?)!

  • Paper of the week
    • Mycorrhizal symbiosis primes the accumulation of antiherbivore compounds and enhances herbivore mortality in tomato; Javier Rivero,  Javier Lidoy,  Ángel Llopis-Giménez,  Salvador Herrero, Víctor Flors,  María J Pozo; Journal of Experimental Botany, Volume 72, Issue 13, 22 June 2021, Pages 5038–5050,
  • The Idea That Trees Talk to Cooperate Is Misleading
  • Learning to Love GMOs (Free Access through this link)
  • Australia’s cockatoos are masters of dumpster diving—and now they’re learning from each other
  • TwistedDoodles on Twitter: “Here is the template I made so that you can also fill in your neighbourhood cats and share them with the world. Or just me! #neighbourhoodcats…” 
  • it’s #BlackBotanistsWeek2021
  • Shoots and leaves: the shotgun scientist who hunts moving trees
  • Angelica Patterson | The Shotgun Scientist
  • ‘Riding shotgun’ – meaning and origin. 
  • RNA demethylation increases the yield and biomass of rice and potato plants in field trials
  • Mertensia maritima

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 2021-07-30  1h16m