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Think African Episode 7

Research on legal and judicial processes has revealed biases in the treatment of women in courts both as witnesses, and accused. We explore how African women lawyers in West Africa are working to change those biases. We speak to Criminal Justice and Human Rights Lawyer, Sabrina Mahtani who has been at the forefront of changing those biases. EPISODE CREDITS: Think African is brought to you by Sound Africa in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cape Town and African Arguments Graphics and Artwork: Neo Rakgajane Story Editing: Rasmus Bitsch Soundtrack/Music:The Good People Sound Mix/additional Music: John Bartmann Recording Studio: #SolidGoldPodcasts Executive Producer: Rasmus Bitsch Operations and Marketing Manager: Lebo Leitch Writer/Host: Jedi Ramalapa


 2021-07-30  28m