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Network Break 344: Zoom Expands Into Contact Center Biz; Will Devs Choose Cloudflare’s Green Compute?

This week’s Network Break analyzes Zoom’s $14.7 billion purchase of Five9 and its cloud-based contact center platform, new Wi-Fi 6E APs from Extreme, and the risks of Amazon Echo Dots where sensitive data can be recovered even after a factory reset.
We also discuss potential ramifications of a ruling against a DNS provider regarding potential copyright violations, what the availability of Cisco gear on Amazon means for resellers, and whether stunning financial returns for consumer tech companies will raise similar expectations for IT vendors–which means higher prices for you.
Speaking of financial results, it was a very good quarter for many tech companies. We look at the numbers for F5 Networks, Fortinet, A10 Networks, Juniper Networks, and Extreme Networks. Last but not least, Cloudflare will give developers the option to run workloads on infrastructure powered by renewable energy–but will developers use it?
Sponsor: Itential
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Tech Bytes: Aruba Networks
Stay tuned after the news for our sponsored Tech Bytes conversation on how to get visibility into, and context for, the IoT devices connecting to your network. We’ll talk with Aruba Networks about how its Edge Services Platform delivers hyperawareness of your IoT environment.
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 2021-08-03  50m