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episode 67: Neil Patel - Simple Keys to Success From a Top 100 Entrepreneur

Earning a living is supposed to give you life and not burn you out! The key is to leverage the things you’re already happy to do every day and monetize them through digital marketing. Joining us today is a top influencer in the digital world, and an expert in marketing who has been influential to the massive growth of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other giant companies through his marketing tools and strategies. Neil Patel teaches us the essence of working on a job you are passionate about and how to source out the people who can help you scale your business and earn a 7-figure revenue with only 4 or fewer income streams. 

“If you have to clock in and out mentally and keep track of the hour, then something is wrong with what you are doing. ”

-Neil Patel

In this Episode:

  • Start looking at business potentials in the context of black and white and stop burning money for what will never work. 
  • 4 main points that make the premium approach a more cost-efficient and smarter choice to start with when you're trying to grow your business online.
  • The 2 biggest lessons that can take your business to the next level.
  • How to source out and hire “amazing” people to help you scale your business and earn 7-figure revenue.
  • Is it possible to earn multi-million revenue without running and juggling 7 streams of income? Learn the truth straight from a millionaire! 

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 2021-08-04  32m