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Day Two Cloud 109: PacketFabric Wants To Make Networking As Easy As Cloud (Sponsored)

PacketFabric lets you provision point-to-point and hybrid cloud connectivity as a service. Built on a private fiber network, the company’s goal is to let you set up WAN networking as if it was software. The company has colocation facilities around the world, as well as connections into Internet exchanges, and cloud and SaaS providers.
PacketFabric is our sponsor for today’s Day Two Cloud episode. Our guest is Anna Claiborne, Co-Founder, CTO, and CPO at PacketFabric.
We discuss:

* Standing up a WAN circuit with PacketFabric
* Connecting hybrid and multi-cloud networks
* PacketFabric’s underlay, including dark fiber and DWDM equipment
* PacketFabric vs. Direct Connect and ExpressRoute
* Using PacketFabric’s Cloud Routers
* Protocol support
* Multi-tenancy in PacketFabric’s network
* More

Show Links:
PacketFabric Blog
@packetfabric – PacketFabric on Twitter
PacketFabric on LinkedIn
PacketFabric on YouTube
[00:00:04.440] – Ethan
Welcome to Day Two Cloud and man, we got a show for you. We’re going deep in infrastructure as code, dealing with networking, cloud networking, connecting cloud environments, and we’re doing it with sponsor PacketFabric. Our guest today is Anna Claiborne founder. A lot of this is is her thing, her idea, her passion. And Ned, this was one heck of an interview.
[00:00:24.930] – Ned
She really nerded it out and went deep on some of the networking technology. I’m glad you could follow her, because a few times I was like, I’m a little lost here. But then we came back up for air. And the main thing was the tech is cool, right? But the way that they present it to you is way simpler than previous networks you might have had to manage and connect. So that was the main takeaway for me is yes, the cool stuff is there.
[00:00:47.970] – Ned
No, you don’t have to deal with it.
[00:00:49.730] – Ethan
So enjoy this interview with Anna Claiborne. She’s the co-founder, CTO and CPO at PacketFabric. And again, we are going to nerd out a lot, but don’t get lost in that because at the end of the day, the whole point of this is how easy it is to build a multi-cloud WAN that interconnects all the things with PacketFabric. Well, Anna, welcome to Day Two Cloud. We are very glad to have you on the show today.
[00:01:14.640] – Ethan
And you’re a founder. That means this whole PacketFabric thing. It’s at least partially your fault. So let’s go back in time. Set us up Anna. What was the year and what problems were you facing that drove you to start PacketFabric?
[00:01:27.670] – Anna
Well, the the year was twenty fifteen back a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. And and the the problem was, is it’s kind of a this has been the problem with networking, not just in twenty fifteen, but pretty much forever is that it is it’s a very long process. It’s not an API driven thing, it’s not a modern thing. Network technology is rooted back at the very start of the Internet and it really hasn’t really hasn’t evolved much from there.
[00:02:02.710] – Anna
And so the thing the inspiration for starting PacketFabric was how do we make a network look and feel like software? How do we make it like cloud compute? Because that’s the evolution that we just go...


 2021-08-04  45m