A political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who cover LGBTQ+ and gender issues of the moment with hilarity and healthy doses of vulgarity and absurdity.


episode 507: 507: Diapers sales tax exemption in Louisiana, Transgender Olympic firsts, Matt Damon cringe, asshole fights and acid flashbacks

This week on ATTITUDES! The new Patreon has launched, thank you everyone for the support! Erin discusses diapers and the "pink tax" exemption bill in Louisiana. Bryan dishes on Matt Damon learning from his daughter how to not use the 'f-slur', we celebrate another Olympic 1st with Canada's Quinn becoming the 1st openly transgender, non-binary athlete to win an olympic medal. All this plus Benjamin Franklin, asshole fights, acid flashbacks and more! See for privacy information.

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 2021-08-05  50m