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Heavy Networking 592: The VAR Perspective On Networking And Customer Trends

Today on Heavy Networking, it’s VAR life. We check on Value Added Resellers (VARs) to get a sense of what they are hearing from customers, what customer needs are, and what technology is in demand. We also examine the competitive landscape for VARs, including the effect of customer DIY, public cloud and SaaS, and direct vendor relationships.
Our guest is Remington Loose, Solutions Architect at Dynamix Group, a mid-sized VAR.
We discuss:

* The demand for security as well as cyber insurance
* The push for automation
* An increased focus on visibility
* The competitive landscape for VARs
* The state of VAR/vendor relationships
* VAR and customer skills gaps
* VARs and managed services
* More

Sponsor: Itential
Itential is network and cloud automation. Itential’s software makes it easy for network teams to get insights into your entire infrastructure, immediately detect non-compliant assets for rapid remediation, and manage and deploy changes across both CLI & API infrastructure. Find out more at
Show Links:
Remington Loose on LinkedIn
LocalPref – Remington’s Blog
Dynamix Group


 2021-08-06  1h7m