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Ghostly Nookie

     Ah, 1980s nostalgia is still inescapable despite the usual cycle  of cultural nostalgia should have clicked over to the 90s years ago.

     A 1982 made for TV movie about a family looking to start fresh after the death of their oldest child. They move into a new home, take in granny, and dad goes so far as to start a new job. A complete reset for the family. It's too bad that the deceased daughter's ghost will soon be making beyond the grave calls to their middle child and with them the start of a new nightmare for them all. Whatever you do, Don't Go to Sleep.
     Three years ago Charlie watched Mick beat two kids severely. Unable to just stand by, he goes to the police to report what he has seen. Before the wheels of the system can chew up Mick, Charlie has a change of heart and withdraws his statement. The years go by and one day, Mick shows up in Charlie's dorm room with possibly less than above board reasons for deeply insinuating himself in the student's life. The directorial debut of nu-metal front man Fred Durst, The Education of Charlie Banks.
     All that and Tyler talks tats, Dave has a cookie removed from his butt at the hospital, and Kevin admits that he can't believe he could be deceived. Join us, won't you?
Episode 217- Ghostly Nookie


 2021-08-07  n/a