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episode 4: AFD News: John Wick 4 Cast, Shang Chi Trailer, & Kingsman Breakdown

Welcome to AFD News, the new series from Action Filmmaking Decoded. Today's news includes casting announcements for John Wick 4, a trailer for Marvel's Shang Chi, the new action series 'Take Out' from Randall Park  and Lana Condor, early Suicide Squad release performance, Snake Eyes shaky cam, Ghost Busters trailer, Paper Tigers doing great on iTunes, and a new video from Ameridote's Master Ken. We also do an in-depth discussion of the crazy church fight scene from 2014's Kingman. Colin Firth plays Agent Galahad, a British gentleman spy. When the bad guys activate their violence-inducing device, Galahad fights his way through a stable of not-so-likeable church folk, making for an over-the-top and very fun sequence. - Edited by Luigi Hernandez If you enjoyed this episode, you can support us at Subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the podcast app of your choice. Find us at or on Instagram at @actionfilmmakingpodcast Until next time, thanks for listening. --- Support this podcast:


 2021-08-07  39m