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This is the audio version of Chris Shelton's weekly Critical Question and Answer show on his YouTube channel. In this show, Chris answers questions posed by viewers in the comments section of his Q&A videos or sent by email to Questions cover a wide range of topics but tend to focus on Scientology and critical thinking, as well as Chris' personal experiences with and in the Church of Scientology.


Critical Q&A #326

This week, it’s answers about past-life Clears and OTs, the differences between Hubbard and Miscavige as far as Scientologists are concerned, OT Sea Org members and a lot more. Enjoy!

(1) When I was still an active Scientologist in the 90s, it seemed like every other person I met in Scientology was a past-life Clear. It was a very popular memory to have been audited by LRH himself and for some reason always in Saint Hill. Even then this made no sense to me. There were past-life Clears who were born in the 1940s but the first Clear, John McMasters, wasn’t  introduced until 1966, so that doesn’t make sense. Still, these Clear statuses were thrown around like candy to anyone who wanted one.

Also, where are all the past-life OTs? Seeing there are probably more past life Clears than Clears were actually made, you’d think you would have a lot of past-life OTs too, after all it’s way easier to remember your past life as an OT, right? Yet I cannot remember ever having heard of even a single past-life OT.

(2) Whom do Scientologists revere more: Hubbard or Miscavige? Would a member get in trouble for exalting LRH over DM in a conversation?

(3) Given how expensive it is to reach the higher levels of the Bridge and how little staff get paid, is there a really big shortage of qualified staff members to teach the OT level teachings?

(4) Are there Scientologists that have committed suicide because things weren’t working out and they were convinced they could just hit the reset button and start all over again due to being an immortal being? For example, maybe you lost all your money or you couldn’t pay for more services or you ended up on the street, etc. What would keep you from just saying “Oh, I’ll get this on the next round” and just suiciding? I’m not trying to be facetious but I wonder if I was 100% convinced of Scientology’s version of reality, if that would cross my mind.

(5) What type of cataclysmic event would it take for those in Scientology, as a whole, to seriously reconsider continuing to be Scientologists? Might it be Tom Cruise going public that he now believes it’s a money-grabbing cult and he’s been conned his whole life? Or maybe David Miscavage gets arrested and while standing trial admits that he was running a financial con in an attempt to reduce sentencing. Or is it the case that, no matter what, the situation is those 25,000 remaining members are staying in regardless?  

(6) Did people ever refer to COB as SOB in private?

(7) What is your favorite spacecraft in the Star Wars universe? Mine is the B-wing.

(8) How are the LRH homes that are kept secret “a memorial and show” when they can’t be seen by anyone? Not even Scientologists are told about them. Creston Ranch and Gold Base mansion are two such homes.

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 2021-08-08  47m