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episode 68: Russ Morgan and Joey Mure - How to Build Wealth Without Wall Street

Joey Mure and Russ Morgan are joining the James Neilson-Watt Show to talk about what they do best - educating people on how they can build infinite wealth by making money work for them NOT against them. They are the founders of Wealth Without Wall Street, an online community that has the mission to provide financial education to business owners and entrepreneurs about how to leverage their cash to produce wealth and achieve financial freedom. Stop being a saver loser and start building infinite wealth, today! 

“Everybody else has a plan for you. So if you don’t have a plan and a goal, you’re just gonna default to theirs.”

-Joey Mure

“The true definition of wealth is time. If you’re spending $10k a month and you have $1M in the bank, really what you have is a hundred months’ worth of time.”

-Russ Morgan

In this Episode:

  • Drill down the risks of not knowing what you want and blindly following a path leading to misguided notions of financial freedom.
  • Realize how inflation is designed to devalue savers, making them “savers who are losers” and how to maximize the current value of your money, instead.
  • Understand how the Wall Street mindset works and the 4 rules of the Wall Street game you ought not to play, ever!
  • Learn what infinite wealth is about and how you can get into the position of cash and leverage it to achieve financial freedom.
  • Channeling the infinitely wealthy on their thoughts about assets that appreciate versus assets that depreciate, buying out of inherent value versus buying out of speculated appreciation, and the future of the modern banking system.

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 2021-08-11  53m