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episode 465: Real Ska, Real Music, Real Good!

 ear can hear! Ska from all over the world! Ska for your listening pleasure on 23min of Ska, you're weekly home for... uh... ska music, duh!

Hope that you find something you dig on this episode, I had a lot of fun finding these bands and putting this one together (as if that's anything new!)

 00:00 - Bruce Lee Band - Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Division in the Heartland '21)
03:00 - Salome Fur - Wilst Du mit mir gehen? (Scatter Lights '21)
05:33 - los Aggrios - Manten La Fe (Alcohol / Manten La Fe '20)
08:03 - Maxado - I Was (Upon a Smile '21)
11:08 - Sentimental Moods ft. Novel - Payung Fantasi (Sentimental Moods ft. Vocals '18)
14:20 - Collywobbles - Tempi Modemi (Satellti Fuori Orbita '19)
17:10 - Kennyoung & YonKaGor - See You! (See You! '21)
19:55 - Couching Distance - Truth About the Lies (Truth About the Lie '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 465 // Airdate : August 12th, 2021


 2021-08-12  22m