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Heavy Networking 593: Network Observability With VMware vRealize Network Insight (Sponsored)

Back in the day, an SNMP element manager was just the thing when a host was bare metal and you knew every cable, switchport, IP address, and firewall rule. As soon as you saw the green object go red, you were on it. You knew what to do.
Not any more. These days, a network monitoring tool needs to encompass VMs, virtualized distributed network devices, and cloud networking. That tool should put together end-to-end flows, so you know exactly how all this virtualized stuff is actually talking. That saves you from having to figure it out artisanally, which is a losing proposition.
On today’s Heavy Networking, we drill into VMware’s vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) to learn how it provides end-to-end monitoring, how it uses flow records and other data sources, and its architecture. We’ll also discuss modeling/digital twin capabilities, and applying vRNI to security, troubleshooting, and other use cases.
VMware is our sponsor, and our guests are Matt Just, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager; and Martijn Smit, Technical Marketing Architect both of VMware.
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 2021-08-13  48m