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episode 253: Godzillafest Returns with Bob Johnson!

SciFi Japan's Bob Johnson returns to discuss the return of Godzillafest, the largest Godzilla film festival in the country. We also talk about Bob's commentary track on Arrow's Gamera the Brave blu-ray, the complicated nature of the Godzilla series' home video rights in the United States, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted movie screenings over the last year, starting the Planet 8 Podcast, the passing of iconic American anime producer Fred Ladd, and more! Relax and enjoy the conversation!

This year, Godzillafest will take place during the weekends of August 20-22 and August 27-29 at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco, CA.  For more information, visit The Planet 8 Podcast:


 2021-08-13  1h19m