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episode 245: VOBS TECH-TALK #61

Where else can hear the true, nitty gritty, home voice over studio shop talk? The best and most fun place is VOBS TECH-TALK #61!

This week we jump headlong into a plethora of cool stuff!

  • TwistedWave 26: Video editing?? Speech recognition
  • Bertom Denoiser: Amazing noise reduction without the downsides, universal binary runs native on M1 Mac
  • TDR Nova: The perfect EQ/De-esser for Audacity? 
  • iLok USB key, now in USB-C
  • Presonus Revelator io24: On-board DSP like Apollo but $200! 
  • Plus we discuss, what causes hummmmmmm?

Along with answers to your questions on:

Network security, fusion drive frailties, High-pass filters, Tri-booth vs. Self built PVC booth.


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 2021-08-15  1h2m