Understanding CBD with Max and Steven as heard on WCBM Radio

Curious about CBD? Let Max Sobol and Steven Walman of Max and Steven’s, two home-grown Baltimore boys and CBD experts, be your guides. We’ve got an exciting line-up of special guests and experts ready to answer your questions, empower you as a consumer and entertain you at the same time.



episode 77: American Hemp Road Trip

Special Guest: Max & Steven talk to Eric Hurlock, host and producer of The Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast, an offshoot of the Lancaster Farming Newspaper, which has been the premiere source of agricultural news for generations. Eric is fresh off his 6-week American Hemp Road Trip, which he took with his wife and 2 kids, to share and highlight the benefits of hemp as an industrial crop which has the potential to help solve some of the biggest problems globally. Eric shares his stories from the road and offers critical insights into what it’s going to take to move the hemp grain and fiber industry forward. Plus, he speaks candidly about why he has a bone to pick with the CBD market. Listen to learn more.

Doc G’s Corner: Dr. Benjamin Gonzalez joins Max & Steven to answer a few questions and clear up the confusion about turning non-intoxicating HEMP CBD into the intoxicating Delta 8 THC. Fascinating information from Doc G.!


 2021-08-15  44m