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The Spoken Garden podcast is here to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, Sean and Allison, are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills! By listening to our fast DIY Garden Minute episodes and our longer podcast episodes, learn how to grow and care for your plants and flowers.



episode 208: How to Deadhead Zinnias In 3 Simple Steps - DIY Garden Minute

Zinnias are one of jewels of our garden and we want them to keep flowering and be free from diseases and pests, which means we need to regularly deadhead them.

Listen to learn our 3 easy deadheading steps! 

Go to spokengarden.com/208 to watch our YouTube #Shorts video to see these three steps in action.

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We'll see ya in the Garden!

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 2021-08-16  2m