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Author D. J. Swales shares the same name as Dracula's first Whitby victim. Discover his audio-drama podcast, a Top 20* hit in over 12 countries. Fans of dark fiction will love BARATANAC, a suspenseful supernatural horror and historical fantasy No. 1 Best Seller from the FITZMARBURY WITCHES series: https://geni.us/Part1print. Fans of the quirky and offbeat will love PEOPLE OF BLOOMSBURY, the author's first heartwarming speculative fiction book inspired by Japanese popular fiction. Author's books, Patreon, and media links: https://linktr.ee/djswaleswritesbooks *ApplePodcasts. Chartable2020



episode 7: EP 7 |MATCHA | People of Bloomsbury | The Curled Up and Cozy Collection | Audio Drama | Popular Fiction

Mallory Blunder is a flamboyant Bloomsbury playwright who receives weekly treats from a mysterious admirer. Mallory's mother Face-times him from her Torquay home atop crumbling cliffs, hoping that a marriage might be in the offing. After discussing his latest show, a genius work-in-progress, Mallory breaks the news about a terrible fate that has befallen his most virulent and vitriolic critic. His mother hatches a plan . . .  

PEOPLE OF BLOOMSBURY is the first heartwarming book from the Curled Up and Cozy Collection, a charming and quirky magical realism series from the author of FITZMARBURY WITCHES, #1 Amazon Best Seller in several dark fiction categories.

Audio drama exclusive preview! Allow me to introduce you to your eccentric new London neighbours! Some harbour secrets. Some stumble, tumble, or tiptoe through their days. Others hurtle towards outlandish destinies. PEOPLE OF BLOOMSBURY is as snug as an English country village, as intriguing as a Miss Marple mystery, and as enthralling as Tales of the City. This book is a literary antidote to the lock-down blues.

PEOPLE OF BLOOMSBURY is available on Amazon from September, 2021.

Be enchanted by author D. J. Swales' debut feel-good novel of spell-binding and quirky magical realism fiction. The pages of PEOPLE OF BLOOMSBURY will charm readers of Strange Weather in Tokyo, Tales of the City, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Convenience Store Woman, The Diary of Adrian Mole, The Nakano Thrift Shop, and Palace Walk.

Meet these neighbours and more:

  • Josie is an nocturnal neighbourhood seer and midnight street dancer.
  • Mr. Bootle is the owner of an esoteric bookshop haunted by a ghost named Jemima.
  • Jasper Mince lives a clandestine rent-free life under the bed of an unwitting local resident.
  • Mallory Blunder is a flamboyant purple-gowned theatre impresario who swings from one stage disaster to another.
  • Mrs. Sorpresa owns and runs a cavernous invitation-only Colombian cafe and bakery, while quietly nursing a broken heart .
  • Mrs. Hargreaves and her two children cultivate a fifth floor ramshackle balcony farm nicknamed, The Hanging Gardens of Bloomsbury.
  • Danny Savarino must confront the disappearance of his parents and and investigate their mysterious sightings around the world.

Listen now, your new neighbours are waiting . . .

Be charmed by this first book in the CURLED UP AND COZY COLLECTION,  a series of charming short-chapter books inspired by Japanese popular fiction authors such as Hiromi Kawakami, Sayaka Murata, and Haruki Murakami, and the work of Armistead Maupin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Naguib Mahfouz, Sue Townsend, Salley Vickers, and Matt Haig.  Enjoy this audio drama exclusive preview podcast.

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 2021-08-16  17m