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155: Sitting Beside the Genius

Jim and Dan talk about the MacBook Pro rumors, WWDC, Dan's iPhone SE, dual clutch barrel cavity antennas, the new Apple Store opening, Siri, and the Amazon Echo.Links for this episode:

  • Apollo Twin Interface with Realtime UAD Processing and Thunderbolt
  • Review: iPhone SE
  • RSVP for the Beard Bash 2016 at WWDC now open
  • Beard Bash 2016
  • Apple Granted a Cellular MacBook Patent - Patently Apple
  • Apple Opening Siri, Developing Echo Rival — The Information
  • If Google’s right about AI, that’s a problem for Apple –
  • Apple opening Siri, developing Echo rival
  • Viv
  • Microsoft announces streamlining of smartphone hardware business
  • 15 years ago yesterday, Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple Store
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 2016-05-26  1h19m