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Episode 563 | The Struggle, Calls to Action, Selling Above $1M ARR, and More Listener Questions

In Episode 563, Rob Walling answers listener questions about startup operating agreements for co-founders, common cloud hosting solutions, struggling as a young entrepreneur, and selling your startup when you have over $1M in annual recurring revenue.

The topics we cover

[1:40] Operating agreements for startup co-founders

[5:50] How to do startup vesting when not working fulltime on a project

[9:41] Common cloud hosting solutions for startups

[11:04] Struggling as a young entrepreneur

[18:20] Call to action for info product

[20:54] Virtual assistance

[23:05] Selling above $1M ARR

Links from the show
  • LegalZoom
  • Rocket Laywer
  • Upcounsel
  • Start Small, Stay Small
  • Upwork
  • Best Jobs
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Rob Walling (@robwalling) | Twitter

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 2021-08-17  28m