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Weekly panel discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. This show is primarily focused on the web ecosystem, but also covers NodeJS, mobile, and language features.


Alpinejs, Microservices, Code Completion, and Getting Paid for Open Source with Caleb Porzio - JSJ 497

Caleb is the maintainer of several popular open source projects and frameworks including Alpinejs and Livewire, and is also an avid user of GitHub's CoPilot. Also, he's living the dream - writing open source full time.

We talk about declarative, imperative, moving from SPAs and APIs back to simpler server-oriented design, design architecture, code style and linting, and how Caleb's achieved the near-impossible task of monetizing open source in a way people love.

  • Aimee Knight
  • AJ O'Neal
  • Caleb Porzio 
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  • Twitter: Caleb Porzio ( @calebporzio )
  • Aimee- GitHub | RobinCsl/awesome-js-tooling-not-in-js
  • AJ- How to Rip Blu-Rays with a LibreDrive
  • AJ- My Top Anime Picks
  • Caleb- 3Blue1Brown - YouTube

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  • Aimee Knight – Software Architect, and International Keynote Speaker
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 2021-08-17  1h4m