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episode 69: Arman Sadeghi - How to Achieve Massive Success Without Losing Control of Your Time

Often, you hear people whine “so many things to do, yet so little time,” and how many relationships have gone awry simply because one partner is just so busy? Today’s guest, Arman Sadeghi, shares his formula for living the life you dream about without sacrificing the things - and relationships - that money can’t buy! Arman is an advisor and a business coach, an entrepreneur with 6 titanic businesses up his sleeves, a keynote speaker, and author to The Business Bible - a phenomenal book that’s been rocking the business world. Discover all his secret spices that can help you elevate your business from startup to success! Finally, start taking control of that one asset that can never return once you lose it, and own your life, for good. 

“At the end of the day, if your business is a recipe, you are the most important ingredient.”

-Arman Sadeghi

In this Episode:

  • Discover the root of titanium success and the factors at play that can take your business to the next level. 
  • The great formula that allows you to be more efficient with your time and have the life you want.
  • One of the key sources to help you get things done, especially at times when you get distracted and steer away from accomplishing your goals.
  • Understand how gap analysis works in terms of measuring up to other people’s success and why it’s important to put a number in everything you wish to do or improve. 
  • The type of asset that can either multiply or diminish depending on your active versus passive decisions. 

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  • Live Training with James Neilson-Watt
  • The Business Bible: A 10-Step Revolutionary Guide to Conquering Your Business by Arman Sadeghi

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 2021-08-18  44m