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episode 163: pip install ./local_directory - Stéphane Bidoul

pip : "pip installs packages" or maybe "Package Installer for Python"
pip is an invaluable tool when developing with Python.
A lot of people know pip as a way to install third party packages from pypi.org
You can also use pip to install from other indexes (or is it indices?)

You can also use pip to install a package in a local directory.
That's the part I want to jump in and explore with Stéphane Bidoul.
The way pip installs from a local directory is about to change, and the story is fascinating.

Special Guest: Stéphane Bidoul.

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  • PEP 610 -- Recording the Direct URL Origin of installed distributions | Python.org
  • PEP 660 -- Editable installs for pyproject.toml based builds (wheel based) | Python.org — Bidoul
  • pip install --no-index --find-links
  • Solving issues related to out-of-tree builds · Issue #7555 · pypa/pip
  • pip list json format


 2021-08-20  29m