BBC Introducing in Oxfordshire

Listen to highlights of Dave Gilyeat and his team of new music aficionados as they deliver all the best Oxfordshire bands you've never heard before.


PODCAST: Self Help

This week on the BBC Introducing in Oxfordshire podcast - Dave's joined by Self Help to hear about their new songs, gigs and music video. Plus, there's all the latest new music from Oxfordshire - here's this week's playlist: • YK X MaMan - Gombula Julia Meijer - Borta Fran Allt North Parade - The Longest Party Maxed & Zak Young - 201 (feat Caesar, Cygni) Erin Snape - Happy Ally Craig - Carole Lombard Kritters - Dream On Self Help - All Alone Again Siamese Sirens - 4 Jody and the Jerms - Spinning Roguey Roads - Closed Doors Chikyuhato - The Iron Crystal Heart of the Earth • If you're making music in Oxfordshire, send us your tunes with the BBC Introducing Uploader:


 2021-08-21  1h0m