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Former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot John “Rain” Waters hosts The Afterburn Podcast. Bringing people together to share their journey along the "path" of life.


episode 37: #37: Capt Haden "Gator" Fullam - A-10 Pilot/Demo Pilot

"Gator" is the current A-10 Demonstration pilot. He comes from a family of fighter pilots and his family is full of fighter pilots to this day. 

His biological grandfather, Wayne, was an F-105 pilot and was shot down over Vietnam. The day he was shot down he was flying with the callsign Pistol 01. 

The man he grew up knowing as his grandfather, Roger, was career fighter pilot and was shot down over Vietnam in an F-105. The day he was flying he was flying with the callsign Gator 01. 

Wayne and Roger were squadron mates.  It wasn't until years after the war had ended that Wayne was officially declared KIA. 

Today Gator and his brother Jay "Pistol" Fullam are Hawg drivers as well as his sister-in-law.


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 2021-08-23  1h2m