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#213 – Barry Barish: Gravitational Waves and the Most Precise Device Ever Built

Barry Barish is a theoretical physicist at Caltech and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – MUD\WTR: https://mudwtr.com/lex and use code LEX to get 5% off – GiveDirectly: https://givedirectly.org/lex to get gift matched up to $300 – BiOptimizers: http://www.magbreakthrough.com/lex to get 10% off – Four Sigmatic: https://foursigmatic.com/lex and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off – Magic Spoon: https://magicspoon.com/lex and use code LEX to get $5 off EPISODE LINKS: Barry’s Nobel Prize entry: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/physics/2017/barish/facts/ Barry’s Caltech profile: https://pma.caltech.edu/people/barry-c-barish LIGO’s Website: https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/ LIGO’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIGO PODCAST INFO: Podcast


 2021-08-23  2h30m