Your Morning Basket

Join us as we delve into the principles and practices of homeschool Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time. With both experts in their fields and mentor-moms, we will discuss everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, to how to get the kids to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here -- every other Tuesday.


episode 99: YMB #99: Grammar in Morning Time: A Conversation with Andrew Pudewa

It is always a fun honor to chat with Andrew Pudewa and this conversation was no different. First, this guest comes prepared. In the podcast Andrew dives into three different modes of teaching grammar -- and what we think of as traditional grammar instruction is only a part of one of those modes.

We also chat about why grammar (and words and thinking) are so important -- especially in the times in which we live today. There is so much good information in this one, it is going to blow you away. Enjoy!

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 2021-08-24  57m