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episode 65: The 5 Core Human Objections

Objection handling is perhaps the most critical skill every person should master, even those not engaged in sales. Objections are a natural part of a conversation. Every time we communicate with others, there’s a subtle need to get them to agree with our ideas. In the game of sales, the ability to handle the word “NO” and all its variations will determine your level of success. To help you address your prospect’s concerns and help move the deal forward, Sharran lays out the 5 core human objections and provides you with a framework to overcome each objection and get the other person to say yes. 

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“If you can answer these 5 objections, most of the time, almost anything will work.” 

- Sharran Srivatsaa 


00:05 This question prompted Sharran to create today's episode 

00:50 What are the 5 core human objections we often encounter

01:22 What happens if you can answer each objection

04:47 Mistakes when addressing the IT WON’T WORK FOR ME objection 

08:09 The 3 Whys to address the I DON'T BELIEVE YOU objection

11:40 How do you convince people that they need something right now (addressing the I DON'T NEED IT objection)

18:11 Addressing the NO TIME and NO MONEY objections is easier than you think

20:31 How to create good content using the 5 core objections

21:36 Why do you need to get people to say YES to the different levels of objections 



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 2021-08-24  25m