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Your Home Improvement Podcast! Two National Experts Eric G and Caroline B help homeowners and contractors tackle those projects around the house! This is not your typical handyman show as we take a deeper dive into everything inside and outside your home. We talk about everything from your latest DIY project to a Healthy Home and what you need to think about before you jump in. Plus we interview the leading experts, your favorite home improvement stars, and creators of exciting new products. If you are looking for the latest in home technology this show is for you. Eric Goranson, CKD is a Certified Kitchen Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association for over 20 years and has been designing since 1993. Nationally recognized as “Eric G®”, he is a syndicated 10-year home improvement radio talk show host. Eric talks with homeowners and contractors about remodeling and new construction techniques every week. He is also a national podcaster and is now heard internationally and with about half of the listening audience being from the building trade. His shows draw great support from the contracting community...


episode 1206: Mid-Week Special: Material shortages, Meth Labs, and The Skee Ball Kid Elan Footerman

We start out talking about the latest in material shortages and with lumber headed to historical lows from the historical highs we are done talking about expensive lumber for a while. We then dive into some funny stuff from last weeks show that didnt make it when we were having technical difficulties and then we dove into Meth Labs and Astronomy. We close out the episode talking with the Skee Ball Kid Elan Footerman the Skee Ball National Champion.

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 2021-08-24  22m