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A special collection of Star Wars episodes from's general geek podcast, The 602 Club. Join host Matthew Rushing and his ever-changing panel of guests as they discuss that galaxy far, far away.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season One

Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season One.

Star Wars fans were rewarded for their persistence in 2020 with the return of The Clone Wars and in that final season the creators gave us a taste of what was to come with the introduction to Clone Force 99.

In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing welcomes Bruce Gibson and John Mills to talk about Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season One. We discuss our excitement for the series, a big opening, the Omega factor, a certain point of view, connections, Kamino's end, Mt. Tantiss, Crosshair's choice and our ratings.

Excitement for the Series (00:03:11)
A Big Opening (00:06:33)
The Omega Factor (00:17:05)
A Certain Point of View (00:26:50)
Connections (00:34:25)
Kamino's End (00:48:46)
Mt. Tantiss (00:56:35)
Crosshair's Choice (00:59:53)
Ratings (01:06:18)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson
John Mills

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 August 25, 2021  1h18m