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episode 70: Mikey Taylor - How To Build the Foundation for Financial Freedom and Retire Worry-Free

Ever wondered if you have it in you to become a successful entrepreneur? Ever dreamt of building a business without knowing where and how to start - or worse, you don’t have the slightest idea what kind of business you’re going to build? Mikey Taylor might just have all the answers to your dilemma and he’s here to share his unique journey from being a professional skateboarder to a serial entrepreneur. He’s also co-founder of Commune Capital, a real estate company designed for passive investors and syndicators striving towards financial freedom. Find out how he monetized his mission to raise financial literacy through the help of TikTok and other social media platforms and the right way to transition from being financially aware to being an actual investor. 

“If you don’t understand the internal components and all of a sudden all this outside pressure comes in, you’re gonna break. ”

-Mikey Taylor

In this Episode:

  • Know your options when the one thing you’re passionate about and really good at suddenly poses a threat to your future, as well as the foundation you need to build before you venture out of your comfort zone.
  • Turn the questions being thrown at you into an opportunity to monetize and build a business that can help secure your golden years.
  • How to leverage social media platforms and use them as a vehicle to fill the gaps that are missing in the educational system and create a business that gives birth to more businesses. 
  • Learn the power of creating systems and monetizing them, and the platforms you need to help you scale, and market those systems.
  • The difference between people who break down strategies and those who consume them and how failure to understand the game keeps you from winning in life, in relationships, and business! 

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 2021-08-25  48m