Dark Ambient 2.0

A 60 minute Dark Ambient trip. Drones and sounds that go bump in the night. Originally was the Dark Ambient podcast by Jim Butler. Now better ....



Deep Energy 69 - Meditation Drum 2 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Therapy and Sound Healing

Hi Everyone,  All Drums this time out, I hope you enjoy it!!! I am part of a new YouTube channel of musicians and meditation artists, Paradigm Productions: My music with excellent videos, guided meditations etc. Just good people and some great helpful videos. I hope you like them The description from their YouTube page: Our aim is bring you guided meditations, music and sound that will help improve your life. We have assembled an All-Star cast of meditation artists and musicians for your enjoyment, relaxation, healing, and personal development. We will upload new guided meditations, hypnosis, ASMR, relax music every Wednesday and Saturday. We are honored that you've chosen to meditate with us. Namaste.


 2017-04-23  1h1m