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episode 34: IDEF 2021 show highlights and countering swarm tactics

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we welcome to the show our Middle East correspondent to discuss the main highlights from the floor of IDEF 2021; and we talk to QinetiQ about the work the company is carrying out to provide an advantage to navies in countering swarm attacks.

Newsround [01:07] 

The US joint forces launched multiple missiles and torpedoes from the air, land and sea domains during the USN’s Sinking Exercise (SINKEX) in the Hawaiian Islands operating area. 

The exercise aimed to demonstrate how the USN could work with other services through a common operating picture to strike in unison. 

The Australian Army has released an RfP for a new Personal Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system.

The search for a new man-portable EMS is part of the third tranche in the Land 154 Phase project that will introduce next-generation equipment from 2020-26. 

As Army 2021 takes place this week in Moscow, Russian company Ramdizel revealed two new variants of its K-4386 series of Taifun-K armoured vehicles. 

Shephard understands these vehicles are designed for the Russian Airborne Forces and should enter service after trials.

Canada is calling for new elections on 20 September that could significantly impact the acquisition of new fighter jets for the country’s air force. 

In focus 

The news team welcomes Tayfun Ozberk, Shephard’s Middle East correspondent, to get an insight into the main capabilities on display at IDEF 2021 in Turkey. 

Highlights include new rotary-wing programmes moving through to several Turkish Aerospace (TAI) projects, new naval soft-kill countermeasures, and a new avant-garde project known as the Digital Troops concept from Turkish company Havelsan. 

Interview- QinetiQ [32:10]

Multimedia Journalist Noemi Distefano speaks to Jules Werner, Director of Business Development at QinetiQ Target Systems, to get the company perspective on some of the solutions that could help navies worldwide tackling swarm attacks. 

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano  with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest 


 2021-08-27  44m