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Heavy Networking 595: Detect, Diagnose, And Act With Opmantek’s Automated Network Management Software (Sponsored)

In today’s sponsored Heavy Networking show, we talk to Opmantek about NMIS, an intelligent network management platform that spans monitoring, visibility, automation, and configuration management. Actually, its does quite a bit more than those words suggest.
NMIS has been under development for more than 20 years, and that shows in the product. One way I could talk is to use lots of buzzwords around visibility, observability and AI-Ops but while it does those things, NMIS really does what network engineers do. It’s grounded on the reality of day-to-day work.
Joining me is Keith Sinclair, CTO and progenitor of NMIS.
We discuss:

* What NMIS does and how it works
* Protocol support including SNMP, WMI, SSH, RESTful APIs, and more
* The persistence of SNMP
* Opmantek’s approach of detect, diagnose, and act
* Automation capabilities
* How NMIS uses dashboards, portals, and maps
* More

Show Links:
@opmantek – Opmantek on Twitter
Opmantek on LinkedIn
Opmantek on Facebook


 2021-08-27  50m