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We are Raiders of the Podcast. We are a weekly podcast about movies. Sometimes new ones, often older ones, frequently bad ones. We like cowboy hats, face hugs, strangely sexual automaton interactions, and listeners like you.


More Sweets to the Sweet

    This week RotP hopes to catch a ride on the new release hypetrain with a look back at the original Candyman sequels.

     Four years after the first film, a New Orleans schoolteacher finds herself getting the attention of Candyman. Eventually a secret of her origin that connect her to Candyman will be revealed. Can the teacher stay alive through Ash Wednesday or will she agree to be his victim and say Farewell to the Flesh?
     Twenty-five years after his last appearance Candyman appears during The Day of the Dead in LA and targets a gallery owner who just happens to be a direct descendant of our hook-handed legend AND the reincarnation of his daughter... they could have thought up a better subtitle than Day of the Dead.
     All that and Tyler speaks more than he's ever spoken, Dave is hogtied and gagged in a closet somewhere, and Kevin likes to watch. Join us, won't you?

Episode 220- More Sweets to the Sweet


 2021-08-28  n/a