The C64 Take-away podcast

Spreading the Commodore Love from Copenhagen, Denmark since June 2005 this podcast features an eclectic mix of Commodore 64 chiptunes and remixes of tunes from the best-selling home computer of all time. Carefully chosen and presented for your listening pleasure by me, Jan Lund Thomsen.


Episode 051: Has it been 30 years already?

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1982, and available to the public in August of 1982 – it’s everyone’s favourite computer: The C64. To coincide with the “C64 Month” campaign (Twitter + Facebook), here’s my contribution in the form of a new episode of the C64 Take-away. As usual the mix consists of a set of great chiptunes and remixes, blended in with a recap of what’s been happening in the world of C64-related music. Enjoy!

Download or listen to the show (47:37, 88 Mb, MP3)

Music played:

  • Johannes Bjerregaard – Shape
  • Steve Rowlands – Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • LMan – Shape
  • Steve Rowlands – Creatures 2 (tune #16)
  • Press Play On Tape – Nonterraqueous (from the “HOME COMPUTER” CD)
  • Jammer – Mr. Marvellous
  • Trace – Way of the Exploding Fist (tune 3)
  • Hermitsoft – Platoon acoustica (subtune 4)
  • Amok – Maniac Mansion Theme (feat. Mitch van Hayden)
  • daXX – Commando Dubstep Rmx
  • DJ Skitz + Mordi – Trick Bag

Stuff mentioned:

  • C64 remix podcast “Commoflage” podcast (RSS feed)
  • 1541 Ultimate II
  • HVSC update 57
  • The Great Giana Sisters sheet music
  • DGA12 DJ Noize C64 set
  • The SIDrip Alliance Budapest concert
  • Remixer of the Year 2011 – including this for yours truly.
  • “HOME COMPUTER” – new album from Press Play On Tape
  • Instant Remedy + Nexus 6581 digital reprints in FLAC format.
  • Most awesome C64 mod EVER: Jeri Ellsworth turns breadbin into bass keytar (also, article on The Make Blog)
  • Jack Tramiel passes away at age 83
  • Jeff Minters “Gridrunner” arrives on iOS
  • ‘The Newsfield Years’ documentary
  • Help the crowdfunding of “From Bedrooms to Billions” – a documentary feature film telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to 1996.
  • BBC News: The C64 turns 30 – what does today’s kids make of it?
  • Linus ‘Chipophone’ Åkesson’s “Bitbuf”
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 2012-08-10  47m