The C64 Take-away podcast

Spreading the Commodore Love from Copenhagen, Denmark since June 2005 this podcast features an eclectic mix of Commodore 64 chiptunes and remixes of tunes from the best-selling home computer of all time. Carefully chosen and presented for your listening pleasure by me, Jan Lund Thomsen.


Episode 040: Is there life after forty?

This time bringing you a bunch of tunes that have nothing in common apart from the fact that the original SIDs were all composed between 1984 and 1986. Also, I talk about an upcoming album release, and mention a couple of videos that you need to watch.

Download or listen to the MP3 here (37:08 minutes, 34.1 Mb)

Please notice that I’ll be taking a three month break from the podcast starting November 1st. But fear not, the Take-away will be back in February 2008. Stay subcribed to the RSS feed or the mailing list to get an alert when the show’s back on the air.

Music played:

  • David Hanlon – Druid
  • J Rooney – Zorro (Small Ensemble)
  • FTC – Comic Bakery (Electro) (from the album 01:04 Eternal)
  • Allister Brimble – Green Beret Full Orch –
  • Rauli – Spy vs Spy II (Late Nite Mellow)
  • Terminal Storm – Glider Rider (Gliding into a Sunset mix)

Stuff mentioned:

  • P.W. Fenton from Perfect Head and Digital Flotsam let me use the intro-jingle from Perfect Head #16. Thanks P-Dub.
  • New video from Reyn Ouwehand
  • Rob Hubbard – On the Golden days of computer game music
  • On The Edge available from Amazon UK
  • Andrew Fishers “The Commodore Book 1982-19xx”

Unless otherwise stated tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org, and from the HVSC. Leave feedback either by using the comment section, or by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com. You can also add your pushpin to the C64 Take-away frappr map (be sure to add a shout-out otherwise I won’t get notified) or even send me a voice message.


 2007-10-31  37m