The Hideout Sessions

Ross Wakefield brings you a monthly podcast celebrating some of the absolute best in new music. From Hip Hop to House to Disco to Folk to Minimal Electronica, there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with...promise. Support the music and spread the word. x


episode 172: Hideout Sessions Ep.172

Yo, yo!!!!!!

Squeezing in this Ep just in time, before August bids us farewell. Sorry for leaving it to the last minute. It's been a super busy month or so since I was last in touch. Lots of wonderful music to play you and hopefully, some exciting news to bring you in the course of the next month. So make sure you stay tuned.

Keep supporting the artists, labels and above all, the music as much as you possibly can and please spread the word about the show.

Love you...Ross. x

1. Eddie Hale 'Terrace of an Elephant' (Denude)
2. Deep Eyes 'Step To Agartha' (Lumina)
3. Elkka 'Burnt Orange' (Technicolour)
4. Gabriels 'Love & Hate In A Different Time' (Atlas Artists x Parlophone Records)
5. Kozmodrum 'Povratak na Parni Pogon' (Rika Musika)
6. Sampology, ft. Allysha Joy 'Suffer and Swim' (Middle Name)
7. Anushka 'Bad Weather' (Tru Thoughts)
8. Kidnap 'Untroubled' (Birds That Fly)
9. TSHA 'Power' (Ninja Tune)
10. Afronaut 'How It Goes' (Tru Thoughts)
11. First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix)' (Salsoul)
12. Felipe Gordon 'Keepin’ It Jazz' (Heist)
13. Makèz 'Feel the Same' (Heist)
14. Denyl Brook 'Rollin' (Shall Not Fade)
15. Brooklyn Baby 'Well See What They Say' (Don't Need A Million)
16. Halal Sol 'Rushin (Bongomann Re-rush)' (Darker than Wax)
17. Tom Junior 'Move Ya Body (Original Mix)' (Legent)
18. David San 'Ragweed' (Psicodelica)
19. Blip Service 'War Cry' (Dancing Family)
20. Jeremiah Asiamah 'Bring It' (Ground Up)
21. Kamus 'Better 'Off Her Own' (Self Release)
22. Rival Consoles 'Pulses of Information' (Erased Tapes)


 2021-08-31  1h59m