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episode 51: Alex Flies The Hot Air Balloon ????| Crazy Cake with Ridge, Saywer and Harper ???? (SUPER STORY WEEK)

Welcome to Bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike, and I'm super excited that you're joining me today. Why? Because it is super story week. And that means that you get a brand new adventure every single day, this week. And we are already a day. Or so if you have not yet listened to yesterday's episode or the day before, or did they before then please go and do that first because then today's episode is going to make so much more sense because today we have a story for rich Harper and Sawyer, and don't forget if you want me to create a story just for you. 

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And it's such an easy thing. Now, if you're ready, then I am ready. And I'm hoping that to reach Harper and Sawyer, that you're also ready. So can we all please put our right foot as high into the sky as we can. Go down with me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let's go. 

Next morning, Alex and pizza pizza, wake up. They get ready to head back to the balloon and say goodbye to the penny queen. And as they leave, they get a basket filled with some of the most amazing and delicious candy. Back in the balloon. It is time for liftoff pizza, pizza. You ready then come down with me and three Andrew, Ella, let's go few hours. 

Go by. Luckily there's enough Kenny. So Alex doesn't get hungry. And Alex looks through the ground and he sees a lot of land and nature and green, and he wonders where are they? Maybe we should go and land our balloon somewhere here. And Alex decides to lower their balloon more and more and more until the balloon safely lands in a big green field, surrounded by forest Alex and pizza pizza. 

Get out of the balloon and take a look around. They're surrounded by a forest, but to the left side of the field, there seems to be an entrance into the fall. Let's go here. Alex says, and he walks into the forest. At first. It seems like any other regular forest when suddenly pizza pizza starts. It's like pizza. 

Pizza is trying to say something when Alex suddenly realizes that there is someone in the tree it's Simon to slow. Hi, I'm Alex. Hi, I'm Simon. He says super slow. Hey Simon. Nice to meet you. This is pizza pizza. Welcome to our forest. This is the Slavs forest. I live here with 200 of my relatives. What brings you here today? 

Oh, I'm just visiting. Alex says when at that moment a noise becomes louder. And the distance it's like a car or truck, the truck just gets bigger and bigger. It's a huge truck. It's a monster truck. And on the license plate, it breeds rich. The monster truck stops and a boy jumps out. Hey, I'm rich. Who are you? 

I'm Alex, and this is pizza pizza. Oh, I'm on my way to visit my siblings, Harper and Sawyer. Do you want to join? We're having afternoon cake and Alex jumps into the monster truck and pizza pizza goes in the back. Enrich drives off. Hold on. He says it just rains. So we're driving through quite a few months, puddles. 

Whoa. And as he says it, they're driving through a huge mud puddle. And after a bumpy ride through the floor, They end up at a little farmhouse. This is it. Come meet Harper and Sawyer. They walk into the house and go straight into the living room where Harper and Sawyer stand in front of a huge TV. Doing gymnastics. 

Join us. The Alex decides to join Harper and Sawyer in their gymnastics exercise. We it's used to join as well. Alex, I'm going to have work on my monster truck. Whoa. Gymnastics is way harder as Alex Tracy. This band's to keep up with Harper and Sawyer. Luckily after a few exercises, they are finished. Whew. 

Alex takes a deep breath who wants some cake sort of sets? Oh, I do yells Ridge from the outside. I made it this morning together with Harper. Alex, do you want a big slice or do you want a big sluts? I want a big slice. Alec says as he sits down in the car. So your cuts, a huge slides of cake. And of course also a slice for Harper and rich. 

Here you go. This is a peanut buttery whip, creamy cheese cakey, strawberry Jimmy chocolate pudding, eat candy Caney, black forestry chocolate sprinkles cake. Boy, I cannot wait to try it. Alex says, try it. It's yummy. Harper says is my favorite. We eat this cake once a day. Once a day, Alex says, wow, lucky you. 

And what we don't eat. We share with Simon, this laugh or with any of our kittens, Yom, this is an amazing cake as Alex eats it. Luckily we did some exercise because this cake will be enough for my breakfast, my lunch. Can pizza pizza also try the cake. Of course, Harper says puts a piece of peanut pottery. 

We have creamy cheesecake, K strawberry jammy, chocolate pudding, eat candy Caney, black forestry chocolate sprinkling. On a plate for pizza pizza to en Choi, you're living in an amazing place and access. Can I ask where we are? Because I just came flying in on a hot air balloon. This is Alaska. Saw your SAS. 

Whoa. Oh, Alaska. I wonder what kind of adventures I can have here. Alex thinks to himself and then afternoon, Alex spends with rich Harper and Sawyer eating this amazing cake and daydreaming of the night. At venture. And with that, we're going to end today's episode. Please do share it with all your friends and your family. 

And I hope you had fun. Join me tomorrow for the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you and simply ask any grownup taken in touch. So with that being said, I wish you good night. I wish you sweet dreams. If you're not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing. And I'll see you in the next adventure tomorrow.


 2021-09-01  7m