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episode 71: Mahbod Moghadam - The Future of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Business

If you get the opportunity to bring value to the lives of many and get paid for it, would you take it? Absolutely! Mahbod Moghadam, an internet entrepreneur, and former co-founder turned major shareholder of Rap Genius, joins today’s episode to talk about having fun and living life not too seriously while making large sums of money on the side. He tackles how today’s social media platforms are giving varied treatments and credits to their consumers and their creators and why these platforms need to take a second look at how cryptocurrencies are shaking the business world. Learn how to turn your “art project” into a masterpiece that brings you not only the more fun side of life but also its potential financial breakthroughs.

“I think of business as an art project, until you have traction. My maxim is to take something seriously only when other people start taking it seriously.”

-Mahbod Moghadam

In this Episode:

  • Learn how you can turn an “art project” into a million-dollar business. 
  • The central question circulating around the internet in terms of how the different social media platforms - Youtube, Facebook, Google - are giving back credit to their creators and consumers.
  • Why FB’s philosophy no longer works and the cool way to leverage cryptocurrency when it comes to building and scaling a business,
  • How to transition from merely “having fun” and inspiring people to see the real opportunity and potential monetization of the things they enjoy doing.
  • Learn the advantage of NOT taking things too seriously and NOT having too rigid beliefs in business and in life and how this carefree attitude is elemental to your success. 

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 2021-09-01  34m