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episode 5: What happens when senior executives leave? - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to the special episode of the Paradox Podcast!

Today one of our co-hosts, Daniel Goldberg discusses the circumstances of his departure from our company with Shams Jorjani!

We talk about what happens when a senior level manager leaves and what impact – good and bad – is felt in the company.

0:15 – Intro
1:58 – What we’ve been playing
11:36 - What happens when a high-level executive leaves the company?
15:57 - How do you hand over the leadership role?
21:46 – Is there anything to worry about or hope for?
28:11 – How is the “Lame Duck” period like for the departing executive?
29:36 – Daniel’s goodbyes and what’s next for the podcast?

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The Paradox Podcast is now back in a bi-weekly schedule! Join us in 2 weeks to meet Shams’ new co-host!

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 2021-09-01  32m