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Alex Greenwood's New Story on Kindle Vella

Alex talks about his new serialized story, "The Sign," available exclusively on Kindle Vella. Don't know what Kindle Vella is? Fear not, as Alex will explain and offer updates about his other projects. Listen in, and we hope that all "signs" point to you reading this new story!

About "The Sign"

As the world burns after a deadly plague, a man survives alone with his guilt, dreams, and the mindless hordes wandering the once-tranquil streets of his neighborhood, looking for blood. In this lonely purgatory, he desperately looks for any sign that he is not alone. When it appears, he has a choice: trust his instincts or give in to his despair. What will he do? New episodes are released every Friday. Check out the first three episodes free on Kindle Vella

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 2021-09-01  11m