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episode 248: The Comics Agenda: Superheroes? More Like Super Boring

We start with the news of the death of Ed Asner. We talk about his career, his Emmy wins, and our favorite roles. Then it's onto news of the Community movie. We talk about if we want it to happen and what we would like to see in the movie. 

This Week In Pop Culture
We talk about The New 52, Mary Shelley, and more this week

Lightning Round 
It is a Netflix week and we talk about The Old Ways, Dark, and  Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed.

Weekly Discussion
After a somewhat disappointing financial performance from Black Widow and The Suicide Squad, people have once again started talking about the idea of “superhero fatigue.” Is this a thing? Is it a problem? With deconstructions of the genre growing in frequency (things like Logan, The Boys, and Invincible), are we in the end stages of the superhero movie craze?

Featured Comics 
We start out with a double dose of Cullen Bunn as we talk about Parasomnia #3, and Lucky Devil #2. Then we travel to the land of a bikini-clad redhead in Red Sonja #1. Finally, we find out if superheroes are afraid of the dark in Dark Ages #1 

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