Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Long Shot Leaders tell the stories and secrets of leaders, Innovators, entrepreneurs, and various high achievers. We interview people of all walks of life and explore their struggles, shortcomings, challenges, and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. Hard-hitting and fast-moving, connecting people from all walks of life to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, relationships, cruise ships, and any other kind of damn ship you can think of. We talk to leaders in culture, film, regular business, show business, monkey business, you name it! digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use. Michael Stein likes deconstructing why people do what they do and how they can be better.



American Indian attorney who grew up on the Puyallup Indian Reservation & Surviving Molestation as a Child with Chumahan Bowen

Chumahan Bowen is an American Indian attorney who grew up on the Puyallup Indian Reservation, abandoned by his mother, raised by his alcoholic father, was sexually abused by a woman when he was 6, and was sexually abused by my stepmother between 14-17.  He is a writer, worked as executive assistant to Wyck Godfrey, and built his own law firm and podcast.


 2021-09-03  1h9m