We Blame Harry Styles

We Blame Harry Styles is a podcast dedicated to the work of musician, model, actor, and icon Harry Styles. It is hosted by Gray (he/him) and Key (he/they). This podcast is unofficial, commentary-based, and unaffiliated with Harry Styles or any of his collaborators.



episode 17: The Harry Styles Outfit Draft!

In episode 17, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) are joined by their friend Ava (she/her) to see who can come up with the best Harry Styles closet! After a brief introduction that includes blaming Harry Styles for a hurricane that never happened (1:21) and defending Ava’s One Direction-themed Halloween costume discussed in the previous episode, they get into a discussion of Harry’s fashion through the format of a fantasy sports-style draft (17:47). They go back and forth and pick outfits from ten categories, competing to see who would end up with the better Harry Styles closet!

Finally they end the show with a chat about some non-Harry things that have brought them joy over the week (1:24:45).

Listen to hear Key exacting payback via graphic tee for Gray’s choices in the last draft, Ava’s take on the sheepry controversy, and more!

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Once again thank you to the podcast the Big Picture for inspiring the idea for this draft!


Google Doc with the Outfits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M3xi_LUNVbwqHt-HqrCMJRG5mGXjSuCB7DIFJiznFdg/edit?usp=sharing


 2021-09-04  1h32m