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We're Emma Bostian, Sidney Buckner, Kelly Vaughn, and Ali Spittel - four seasoned software developers working in different sectors. Since there's a major lack of technical podcasts out there, we've decided to start one. Just kidding -- there's already a ton! But, we wanted to add our voices to the space and share our experiences and advice. We'll have great discussions around how to start coding, the hot technologies right now, how to get your first developer job, and more! Check out our website!


How to Start a Company

Whether you’re looking to start your own side business or create a lifelong career, the process of starting a new business can be overwhelming. This week on the podcast we’re discussing how to start your own business. We’ll dig deep into setting you up for success from the beginning and then answer the most common questions I receive about building and scaling your business.

Show Notes
  • [02:00] What is our experience with running a business?
  • [05:47] Business plan
  • [13:58] Who are your customers?
  • [18:03] Market opportunities
  • [35:50] Boostrapping vs. raising capital
  • [39:41] Do you need to incorporate?
  • [40:54] Banking and Taxes
  • [51:52] Health insurance (USA)
  • [53:30] Understanding the bookkeeping process
  • [55:32] Shownotes
  • Quantic
  • CORe
  • Clerky
  • Stripe Atlas
  • Inc. Article
  • Polywork
  • Freelancing episode
  • Indie Hackers episode
  • Mercury

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 2021-09-06  59m