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Episode 566 | From Bootstrapped to Venture Backed with Hana Mohan

In Episode 566, Rob Walling chats with Hana Mohan about her journey as a SaaS founder. They compare and contrast bootstrapping and being venture-backed, hiring a chief of staff early on as a startup founder, and more.

The topics we cover

[2:17] Intro

[3:36] Deciding not to bootstrap MagicBell

[6:34] The team Composition at MagicBell

[9:15] The marketing approaches that are working today.

[10:47] Technology behind MagicBell

[19:32] Bootstrapping vs raising funding

[24:24] The importance of finding the right investors and hiring the right people

[25:27] Hiring a Chief of Staff

Links from the show
  • Starting a new tech business as a transgender woman
  • From Bootstrapped to Venture-Backed with Hana Mohan
  • Hana Mohan (@unamashana) | Twitter


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 2021-09-07  33m