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Network Break 349: T-Mobile Fails To Protect Millions Of Customer Records; Ciena Buys Vyatta Router

Take a Network Break! Network equipment maker Ciena acquires the Vyatta router software from AT&T, which had acquired it from Broadcom, which had acquired it from Brocade. Researchers uncover a dangerous flaw in Microsoft’s Azure database service, and T-Mobile fails to protect as many as 50 million current and former customer records, including Social Security numbers and drivers license information, from an attacker. HPE and Dell Technologies release their financial results, with Dell boasting its best Q2 ever. Sponsor: Unimus Unimus is a Network Automation and Configuration Management solution that’s fast to deploy and easy to use. Designed specifically to make it easier for you to adopt network automation easier, Unimus takes under 15 minutes to deploy. You can get a free, no obligation Unlimited License trial, or schedule a short technical demo. Find out more at Packet Pushers Livestream: join the Packet Pushers at our Livestream event Sept 28, 2021 with sponsor Gluware. Gluware gives you quick network automation wins including monitoring and detecting config drifts, upgrading and patching OSs at scale, and enforcing configuration policy, while also helping you to evolve toward infrastructure as code. * Hear from customers using Gluware in production * See useful product demos * Ask questions live * Get practical conversations focused on solving real problems Show Links: Ciena Expands Edge and 5G Capabilities with Acquisition of Vyatta Routing and Switching Technology from AT&T – Business Wire AT&T to Acquire Vyatta Software Technology from Brocade – AT&T ChaosDB: Unauthorized Privileged Access to Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB – Wiz “Worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine” discovered in Microsoft Azure – Ars Technica ChaosDB: How we hacked thousands of Azure customers’ databases – Wiz Microsoft Azure vulnerability exposed thousands of cloud databases – CyberScoop Update on the vulnerability in the Azure Cosmos DB Jupyter Notebook Feature – Microsoft Security Response Center T-Mobile hack: Everything you need to know – ZDNet


 2021-09-07  32m