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episode 276: Building to Transform Society with R/GA's Ashish Prashar

Ashish Prashar (or Ash) is the global chief marketing officer at R/GA. He has an interesting background in politics and the creative space.

In this episode, Alan and Ash discuss his corporate experience and how he got his start, which was actually being incarcerated for a year as a teenager. Ash says the experience was more transformative than any other in his life, and it gave him the drive and determination to build his career with a lens toward social reform.

Ash joined R/GA most recently from Publicis Sapient. He and Alan discuss his time in advertising, creative, and his lengthy career in UK politics. Listen to hear how his incarceration and political career inspire his current work at R/GA and the role marketers play in social reform. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The role of marketing in social reformation
  • Taking responsibility for the influence you have
  • The power of designing around people

Key Highlights:

  • [01:32] Ash’s experience being incarcerated 
  • [10:18] Ash’s first job out of prison
  • [14:56] Moving from politics to creative 
  • [20:40] Marketing’s role within social reform
  • [26:21] How campaigning prepared Ash for CMO
  • [30:11] Incorporating the human element
  • [34:28] R/GA’s focus
  • [40:01] Putting the focus back on humans
  • [43:40] Ash’s defining experience,
  • [45:54] Ash’s advice to his younger self 
  • [47:41] What marketers should be learning more about 
  • [50:10] The brands and organizations Ash follows
  • [52:15] The biggest threat to marketers 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Ashish Prashar
  • R/GA
  • Donald James, author (Wikipedia)
  • Andy Coulson
  • Tom Morton, R/GA
  • Sean Lyons, R/GA
  • Merch Aid
  • Just Leadership

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 2021-09-08  54m